Donald Trump and a Nazi commander have a common strategy for dealing with the family of enemies

Some people wonder if the term “Nazi” really applies to Donald Trump.  Well, as the old saying [loosely) goes, “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, then it’s a duck.” With Donald, we don’t yet have goose-stepping hordes (though fist-pumping audiences prepared to assault dissenters are a bit too close for comfort), but his script seems far too reminiscent of fascist trash.

In fact, here is an interesting illustration.  What do Donald Trump and the commander of the 361 Volksgrenadier Division have in common?  They both have the same ideas about how to deal with the families of “the enemy–deserters, terrorists, etc.”

Western front, 1944

“‘During the night of 29– 30 October’, the commander of the 361st Volksgrenadier-Division announced in an order of the day [emphasis added], ‘Soldat Wladislaus Schlachter of the 4th Company, 952nd Grenadier-Regiment, deserted to the enemy. The court martial assembled on the same day passed the death sentence on Schlachter. Thus he was expelled forever from the community of our people and may never return to his home. Most ruthless reprisals will be enacted against the members of his family, measures which are a necessity in this struggle for the survival of the German people.’[emphasis added]”

Beevor, Antony (2015-11-03). Ardennes 1944: The Battle of the Bulge (Kindle Locations 918-923). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

This is some sick stuff.  The puffed-up idiot has no idea about the nature of the fire with which he is so blithely playing.



  1. good piece, Chas! But you better start boning up on Cruz–his star is rising and he is a man filled with hate. There’s a good New Yorker profile from the spring if you haven’t already read it…..


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