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From George:

As our Warlock-n-Chief is fond of saying, the Special Counsel investigation may be ”the greatest witch hunt in history” – and, I might add, the most successful. Robert Mueller has just delivered another load of witches.

The response by the White House communications people traveling with Trump was astounding for its totally narcissistic focus on the fact that the indictment didn’t say that anyone in Trump’s orbit was named. It offered not even one word of condemnation of Russia for its blatant attack on the very basis of our democracy. Maybe yet more remarkable is that Trump, who had been briefed on the indictment before he left for Europe, sounded off to British media that the witch hunt was the cause of his problems – he did not come even close to mentioning Russian interference.

The White House response and that which is emerging from his Congressional acolytes also seems to show an astonishing lack of comprehension of how ominous the indictment’s contents are (

Among myriad other inauspicious revelations, the indictment cites email chatter between Russians and between Russians and Americans associated with the Trump campaign (e.g., #44 on p. 16). Did our intelligence agencies penetrate the GRU’s servers or did they simply intercept email traffic? It smells more of the former than the latter and could be either or both. But regardless of which proves to be the case, those associated with the Trump campaign who communicated with DCLeaks and Gruccifer 2.0 may have gotten their last good night of sleep. This includes both those who have lied about having such communication and those who have admitted to it but say that they did not know that DCLeaks and Gruccifer 2.0 were GRU operations. They are lying awake wondering if any of their emails to and from DCLeaks and Gruccifer 2.0 or any of the emails between the Russians reveal that they knew that they were communicating with Russians. If so, proof of treasonous conspiracy against the United States is in hand.

If the emails do not directly show knowing collusion with the GRU, it still is going to be very difficult for any of those who communicated with DCLeaks and Gruccifer 2.0 to claim that they did not do so in willful disregard of the knowledge that DCLeaks and Gruccifer 2.0 were GRU operations. It was all over the print, broadcast and electronic media by July of 2016 that multiple private sector companies had established that DCLeaks and Gruccifer 2.0 were Russian operations.


What is blatantly clear in the indictment’s amazing detail is that the greatest witch hunt in history has many more witches in sight.


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