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From Anecdote (McNugget) to Conclusion. A question for McTrump

Even Chuck Todd got befuddled by the McNuggets on immigration. Now that we see his detailed six page plan, I hate to tell BobbyJindal and Marco Rubio that President McTrump will be deporting them and their families. Ted Cruz may have to go into hiding as well. But, McTrump still needs to learn the dangers in generalizing from anecdotes.

Using McTrump McLogic, if he can give us a few examples of  horrific crimes by undocumented immigrants, then we have a “tremendous” problem and all the “named class of people goes here” are very likely to be criminals.…

Given the information above in the Forbes article about crooks who are billionaires, it seems that we have a “tremendous problem” with billionaires, and every one of them is likely to be a crook.

Given your commitment to the idea that underlying truths to be found in a few examples (political McNuggets), wouldn’t we be justified in assuming you are a crook? Wouldn’t you agree, Mr. Trump?  You can tell by the photo that he is giving it real thought.


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