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The Problem of “whataboutism” and False Equivalence in Recent Commentary on Violence

Hugh Hewitt, a right wing radio personality and pundit, is one of the current masters of “whataboutism.”  This term refers to the excuse that Trump supporters use whenever their hero yet again does something heinous (Yeah, Trump did this but what about….).  The most current version of this is Hewitt’s and others’ claims that Trump’s rhetoric has nothing to do with the most recent episodes of political violence and domestic terrorism. Hewitt’s Argument (from the Washington Post) “After the arrest of a Florida man for sending homemade bombs to former president Barack… Read more The Problem of “whataboutism” and False Equivalence in Recent Commentary on Violence


  From George: As our Warlock-n-Chief is fond of saying, the Special Counsel investigation may be ”the greatest witch hunt in history” – and, I might add, the most successful. Robert Mueller has just delivered another load of witches. The response by the White House communications people traveling with Trump was astounding for its totally narcissistic focus on the fact that the indictment didn’t say that anyone in Trump’s orbit was named. It offered not even one word of condemnation of Russia for its blatant attack on the very basis… Read more THE WITCH HUNT


A PERSONAL TALE Believe it or not, I am a former National Rifle Association (NRA) member.  I purchased a firearm while I was in Texas and got a year’s free membership, plus a really nice multitool with a rosewood handle. I purchased a firearm?  Yes, I lived with spouse and dogs in a rural area literally crawling with a variety of poisonous snakes (bad for dogs, children, and two-legged creatures). I also got an NRA sticker for my back window.  I put it there next to my OBAMA sticker and… Read more A FORMER NRA MEMBER CONFESSES

Sensible Gun Safety Proposals from George

People – men, women and children – living in the United State are 25 times more likely to die from being shot than those living in all of the other industrial nations combined. There would seem to be but three explanations for our abysmal status. First, Americans could be crazier than those in the other industrialized nations – maybe possessing up to 25 times the mental health problems. Although greater attention to mental health would be good for our country, mental health doesn’t hold water as a explanation for our… Read more Sensible Gun Safety Proposals from George

George’s “Good-Bye Trump” Scenario

Charles and I are inching a bit closer together. However, once again I must differ with a point Charles raised. Whether or not a sitting president can be brought to trial on criminal charges is often debated but it is not settled law. It has never been adjudicated. It came close in the Watergate scandal but, in United States vs Nixon, the Warren court decided that it could deny Nixon’s ability to use executive privilege without addressing the broader issue of whether or not criminal charges could be brought against… Read more George’s “Good-Bye Trump” Scenario

Charles Sticks By His Guns, Sort of

Since the Us DOJ can’t bring charges against POTUS, then it will have to be a state AG who tries to bring any charges against POTUS. The legal knots generated by such an effort would take an enormous amount of time and effort to untangle. Any tough issue will, like the 2000 election suit, be decided by a majority R Supreme Court. Without state action, the Rs in the House of Representatives must bring impeachment charges against DJT for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”  That will NEVER happen. I don’t really… Read more Charles Sticks By His Guns, Sort of

George Has Problems with My Predictions, Too

The fly in the ointment regarding impeachment is Trump’s approval rating among Republican voters. Although his overall approval rating has been hovering between 37% and about 40%, approval among Republican votes has been fairly steady at 84% to 85%. It is unlikely that House Republicans would go anywhere near an impeachment vote UNLESS: This percentage drops markedly at least to 60% -65% and it may even have to go lower than that to scare them into action. They will be very cautious about riling those who vote for them. They… Read more George Has Problems with My Predictions, Too

George Thinks That DJT Won’t Last

For those of you who followed “Two Guys” in the run up to the election will remember my friend, George.  He has decided that I am wrong about how long we will have to deal with DJT.  I hope he is right, but I still think we are stuck for the full term. (Though I desperately hope George is right, until I think of President Pence.) It is rare for me to disagree with Charles, but I have long believed that Trump will not survive a full term. He and… Read more George Thinks That DJT Won’t Last

Astrophysics and The Socio-Political Context

The “Big Bang” has been well established as how the universe began.  It is also clear that we (homo sapiens) exist because of an extended series of unlikely but fortunate events that occurred in the evolution of the universe.  Some take the existence of this series as evidence of a divine hand.  Others say, well, what if this universe is just one of many that have come and gone over time, each one banging out in a different way. Some may have simply created a universally barren landscape devoid of… Read more Astrophysics and The Socio-Political Context


 I just completed Gilbert King’s compelling non-fiction work, Devil in the Grove: Thurgood Marshall, the Groveland Boys, and the Dawn of a New America. The book deservedly won the Pulitzer Prize… Read more The Devil Still Lives : Gilbert King’s DEVIL IN THE GROVE: THURGOOD MARSHALL, THE GROVELAND BOYS, AND THE DAWN OF A NEW AMERICA.