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Category: American Culture and Society


A PERSONAL TALE Believe it or not, I am a former National Rifle Association (NRA) member.  I purchased a firearm while I was in Texas and got a year’s free membership, plus a really nice multitool with a rosewood handle. I purchased a firearm?  Yes, I lived with spouse and dogs in a rural area literally crawling with a variety of poisonous snakes (bad for dogs, children, and two-legged creatures). I also got an NRA sticker for my back window.  I put it there next to my OBAMA sticker and… Read more A FORMER NRA MEMBER CONFESSES

Astrophysics and The Socio-Political Context

The “Big Bang” has been well established as how the universe began.  It is also clear that we (homo sapiens) exist because of an extended series of unlikely but fortunate events that occurred in the evolution of the universe.  Some take the existence of this series as evidence of a divine hand.  Others say, well, what if this universe is just one of many that have come and gone over time, each one banging out in a different way. Some may have simply created a universally barren landscape devoid of… Read more Astrophysics and The Socio-Political Context