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Trump supporters are “10-tooth rubes?”

Rick Wilson is a Republican strategist (i.e., operative) who rails at Trump for not being a Republican or a conservative.  He recently indicated that Trump’s supporters are basically a bunch of “10-tooth rubes.” I enjoy all insults aimed at Deadbeat Donald and those who support him. (Unfortunately, I can’t be the change I want to see.) However, I get increasingly tired of Rs who just wash their hands of Trump, saying “he is a horror, and he is not one of us.”  These commentators are partially correct.  He is a… Read more Trump supporters are “10-tooth rubes?”

Coming Up For Air?

Dear Y’all, As you may have noticed, I have added only a few posts since the 2016 election.  There have been several reasons for the absence of new posts on theleftcorner.  In part, however, that absence results from a sense of what I can only call despair at the state of American politics. The election of Deadbeat Donald, his antics, and the tragic results and horrific implications of his and his administration’s policies and pronouncements have left me with little more than a strong, almost constant, urge to spew forth… Read more Coming Up For Air?

The Problem of “whataboutism” and False Equivalence in Recent Commentary on Violence

Hugh Hewitt, a right wing radio personality and pundit, is one of the current masters of “whataboutism.”  This term refers to the excuse that Trump supporters use whenever their hero yet again does something heinous (Yeah, Trump did this but what about….).  The most current version of this is Hewitt’s and others’ claims that Trump’s rhetoric has nothing to do with the most recent episodes of political violence and domestic terrorism. Hewitt’s Argument (from the Washington Post) “After the arrest of a Florida man for sending homemade bombs to former president Barack… Read more The Problem of “whataboutism” and False Equivalence in Recent Commentary on Violence


  From George: As our Warlock-n-Chief is fond of saying, the Special Counsel investigation may be ”the greatest witch hunt in history” – and, I might add, the most successful. Robert Mueller has just delivered another load of witches. The response by the White House communications people traveling with Trump was astounding for its totally narcissistic focus on the fact that the indictment didn’t say that anyone in Trump’s orbit was named. It offered not even one word of condemnation of Russia for its blatant attack on the very basis… Read more THE WITCH HUNT