Poll Participants Characterize Trump in One Word

classic Trump_edited

In its most recent Quinnipiac national poll of registered voters (May 10, 2017), respondents were asked to provide a one word description of the president.  Over 500 of the participants responded.  In total, fifty descriptive words were used, and two-thirds of the one-word responses were negative.

Here are the 20 most common responses and the raw number of participants who used those one word descriptors.  As you read these, you might consider how you would respond if asked to find a that single word that best describes the president.

You will notice I decided to err, if needs be, on the positive side.  For example, he could be considered a most “trying” president, or he could be considered a person who is “trying” to be presidential.  I am also assuming that participants have a positive view of business.  There can be little doubt about the correct classification of negative terms.

One Word Description Positive Negative
Idiot 39
Incompetent 31
Liar 30
Leader 25
Unqualified 21
President 21
Strong 18
Businessman 18
Ignorant 16
Egotistical 15
Asshole 13
Stupid 13
Arrogant 12
Trying 11
Bully 11
Business 11
Narcissist 11

We can all use this to get some hint of how well our own one word descriptions fit with these potential voters. My own favorite is in their somewhat below the middle of the pack.

But, I think most of us would be more satisfied if we could offer two or three words, possibly some on the list to come up with a pithy phrase that we feel is just right.  Something like lowdown ___ ___ or worthless ___ ___.

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