Trump’s Resignation Under Pressure from Mueller?


Here is another take on the future of President Trump.  I will comment after you have read the following.

From Next Conservatism on Daily Kos


“Jennifer Rubin’s ”Right Turn” column in The Washington Post was reliably partisan beyond reason during the Obama years, so it’s been a shock to see her turn sane and lawyer-like in her #nevertrump position. In fact she’s given up on Trump and turned naysayer against the GOP. Her prognostications for what comes next as the Mueller investigation unfolds offer a range of possibilities, all bad. Bet on this one:

‘4. Republicans join Democrats in warning Trump not to fire Mueller. Mueller remains and keeps digging. Mueller subpoenas damaging documents; Trump refuses to comply. A court orders him to comply. He declares this a witch hunt, an attack on his family (or whatever). Then he resigns, claiming he has already made America great. He tells the country that Vice President Pence will carry on in his place. LESSON: Congress must protect Mueller and preserve the possibility that Trump may be forced to resign.’

That’s the most likely scenario because it’s to Trump’s advantage in the same way that this entire presidency has been, as a branding effort to promote his business. If he rejects subpoenas and defies the law he’s doing what he promised, fighting the evil Washington machine. If he leaves before a market correction he can allege that the spike in the Dow was his work; that he delivered on his promise to drive the Supreme Court rightward; that he gave the downtrodden Conservatives voters from both parties a real alternative; and that he is their martyr, their symbol of Making America Great Again despite all the efforts of the liars and partisans who forced him out. It’s a perfect narrative, assuming that his resignation actually offers him some defense against indictment, which is not guaranteed.”


I don’t believe it for a New York minute.  Mueller may subpoena documents, and Trump may fail to respond.  A court may order him to comply.

But, remember President Andrew Jackson’s comment about the Supreme Court’s decision in Worcester v. Georgia.  ‘John Marshall has made his decision. Now, let him enforce it.’

While the Supreme Court had no enforcement arm then, the tradition now is for the Court to send federal marshals to enforce its decisions. But, what do we expect―marshals to put the White House under siege? Nixon gave up the tapes as the response to a decision by the SCOTUS, but he could have just as easily made a tape bonfire on the White House lawn.

Trump has no respect for any political norms or any political institutions.  He could ignore the court and destroy the requested documents.  A constitutional crisis?  Sure, but what would he or congressional Republicans care?  The House will never impeach Trump while he acts as the “signer-in-chief” for their wildly conservative agenda and uses appointments to make their major donors happy (e.g., EPA).

Yes, congressional Republicans will bitch and moan about one thing or another.  But, they know that Trump remains strong with his (their) base and some major contributors, no matter what he does.

As for resigning, I can’t believe that he will ever resign because that would place him in the “Loser Category.” That is a label he will fight with all his canny might to avoid.

I can only think of one variant of the scenario above that might occur.

Mueller indicts some people, and Trump pardons them, screaming “Witch Hunt.”

Trump defies Mueller and fails to provide any information, claiming executive privilege, that might prove his own guilt. When anyone claims “foul!”  He will bring us HRC’s 30,000 email and ask why Mueller isn’t searching for them.

He then resigns after 3 or 3½ years, so that he can say he is “allowing Mike Pence to have the advantage of running as an incumbent to protect Trump’s successes and his tremendous legacy.”  Pence pardons Trump et al., after he wins or while he is a lame duck.  Far-fetched? Sure, but no more than other suggestions.

What I really fear is the tremendous power of inertia in DC.  That means that what we have seen so far may very well be what we will see for the next 3½ years (makes me nervous and concerned to write that).  That too seems farfetched, but it the unbelievable is the stock and trade of this administration.



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