I have provided the URL for the posts on the blog, by topic.The specific name of the post is the last portion of the URL.  Some posts are listed under multiple topics. The Links below are not “hot.” So, the best way to peruse the various posts is to open this page in your browser, then open another tab and use it to paste in the URLs that interest you.  You can then return to the Table of Contents tab and pick other posts to open in other tabs.  This is awkward, but it is the best I can do for now.

The general topics covered include:  2016 Election, Aging Issues, American Culture and Politics, Criminal Justice, Foreign Policy, Gun Safety, Health Policy, Polling Results, Public Policy Issues, Radicalism, Trump Administration. 

Remember, the last portion of the URL for each post gives the specific topic or title of the post. For the first post in list, for example, the post title is “two-guys-just-talking-politics.”

Browse and see if there is anything that interests you.  Best, Chas

2016 Election [This is an very extended post with multiple entries by George and myself throughout the election.]

Aging Issues

American Culture and Politics


Criminal Justice

Foreign Policy

Gun Safety

Health Policy

Polling Results (Mostly political or focused on Trump)

Public Policy Issues


Trump Administration


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