Our Petulant President in Quinnipiac’s August Poll

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The latest NBC/Wall Street poll has Delusional Donald at his lowest approval rating point yet in the low 30s.  It is a bizarre outlier.  Our Petulant President has rocked along around 40 points, give or take, for a long time now.  As everyone knows, Republican support for him has always been at least 80 percent. Democrats disapproval has been equally high.  Job approval is only positive among Rs, folks with no college degree, and white men.  The same pattern appears for “Trump policies.” Much of the most recent poll is same old, same old.

But, I did find something interesting in the poll.  We always look at job approval, but Quinnipiac has added a couple of things that are new.  First, they ask

In general, do you like President Trump as a person, or not?”

The national answer is 31 percent say yes, 59 percent say no, and 10 percent are out to lunch.  The only sub-population where a majority like him is among Rs; 66 percent say yes—at the same time 83 percent approve of his job performance. Job approval is 17 points higher than likability even among Rs.

As for other sub-population, a majority don’t like him – not even those with no college degree (42 to 49, like to dislike, respectively) or white men (39 to 54, like to dislike, respectively).  Bizarrely (at least to me), while only 9% of African-Americans like his policies; 24% like him as a person.

They have only asked this question once before and the national results were remarkably similar in February 2018 (30% yes/61% no).

Also, Quinnipiac asks about his tweeting.

“As president, do you think Donald Trump should continue tweeting from his personal Twitter account, or not?

Nationally, 26% say tweet-away, while 66% say stow the phone.  Even Rs are mixed on this (44% stop; 47% tweet).  Basically 60% of his stalwart support—those with no college degree and white men say he should stop tweeting.  These results have been (nationally) quite stable since August 2017 (26% tweet and 66% don’t).

They ask about his battle with the media.

“Which comes closer to your point of view: the news media is the enemy of the people, or the news media is an important part of democracy.”

The national results are 26% for enemy of the people (great Stalinist phrase) and 65% for part of democracy.  Only Rs think the Trumpian view is correct: 51% to 36%.  All other sub-populations (almost all between 60%-70%) go for “part of democracy, even those with no college and white males.

People has also failed to accept the “witch hunt” narrative.

…. Do you think that he [Mueller] is conducting a fair investigation into this matter [Trump campaign and Russia], or not?

The national results are 51% yes, 33% percent no, 16% duh.  Again, only a majority of Rs buy this BS with 55% saying no.  With all other sub-populations, a clear majority or plurality say Mueller is being fair. But, this is one of those questions where between 8% and 23% don’t know, which is relatively high for these types of surveys.

The American voter also seems to worry a bit about Trump and race.

“Do you think President Trump has emboldened people who hold racist beliefs to express those beliefs publicly or don’t you think so?

The national number are 54% yes with 37% no.  Only Rs don’t think so with 25% yes, and 64% no.  But, all other groups, including those without a college degree and white males with from 47% to 78% saying yes.   Strangely, in terms of age groups, it is those 50-64 years of age who are really sure with 47% saying yes, and 46% saying no.

These national results have been stable since the item was first used in July 2018.


What does one take from all this?

Well, as we knew before I began this riff—he really could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and Rs would still support him.  But, other elements of what amount to major segments of his public statements are much “iffier” for most voters.  Most people (except the ghouls are Trump rallies) think the press are important to democracy.  Most people think Mueller is being fair, despite the continual “witch hunt” claims of our Petulant President and his minions.

Also, most people don’t like Devious Donald as a person.  I think to most people, he seems like the kind of guy whom you haven’t seen in ten years who would corner you in a restaurant and go on for half an hour about how great he is and all the while eat off your plate.

Vote in the mid-terms!!!!!!!!!!






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