Trump supporters are “10-tooth rubes?”

Rick Wilson is a Republican strategist (i.e., operative) who rails at Trump for not being a Republican or a conservative.  He recently indicated that Trump’s supporters are basically a bunch of “10-tooth rubes.”

I enjoy all insults aimed at Deadbeat Donald and those who support him. (Unfortunately, I can’t be the change I want to see.)

However, I get increasingly tired of Rs who just wash their hands of Trump, saying “he is a horror, and he is not one of us.”  These commentators are partially correct.  He is a horror, but he most undoubtedly IS one of them.

The 80—90 percent of Republican voters who consistently approve of the job Trump is doing aren’t 10-tooth rubes.  Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and Mark Meadows aren’t 10-toothers.  All the Rs who voted in the primaries and helped Trump kick the other baker’s dozen or so candidates off the national ticket weren’t 10-toothers.  They were all card-carrying Rs.

Trump is not an aberration.  He is just the most recent, salable product of the Republican politics and activism of the last decade. Rs welcomed the right wingnut Tea Potters, who were funded by the R’s major donors, with open arms.  The Freedom Caucus that battered both Ryan and Behner is a creature of the Rs in the House of Representatives.  The Freedom Caucus leader, Meadows, was one of those pushing Deadbeat Donald into going “all in” on the wall. All those corporate pigs who now have their front paws in the tax cut and the deregulation trough are major R donors. Billy Graham, Jr and all those evangelicals aren’t 1-toothers. All of them have more than ten teeth, and they use those numerous teeth to rip into the heart of women’s right to choose, the rights of immigrants, and any rules or regulations that might save this planet as it sickens.

Republican commentators like Wilson, Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, and Michael Steele are “Never Trumpers.” They know that Deadbeat Donald is a narcissistic, money-grubber, who could give a fig for government and those who depend on government for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” He has nothing at his core, except an undying desire for the world to see him as he sees himself and an unquenchable thirst for wealth and what passes for fame in this world of the 24-hour news cycle.

They all hate him, and they know what a horror he is.  What they are loath to admit is that he is a political Frankenstein built, enlivened, and nurtured by all those good Republican officials, voters, and donors that they call their “tribe.”

Instead of spending their time insulting Trump’s base (which is pleasurable but should not become an addiction), they need to think about what it is in the R philosophy and in R voters that gave us this walking disaster of a president and administration.  They and their ilk created this thing; they need to own it. If they are responsible they will spend their time pondering how they can continue to be Rs, when Deadbeat Donald is the poster child for their party.


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