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Likely Dem Primary Voters, Women’s Issues, and Elizabeth Warren

Consult’s 5/27-6/2 weighted online poll of almost 17,000 registered voters who are likely to vote in the Democratic Primary remains much like their earlier polls.1 Among all likely Dem primary voters: Biden                   38% Sanders              19% Warren               10% (was 9%, first time in double digits) Harris                  7% Buttigieg             7% O’Rourke            4% Booker                3% Every other announced candidate was at or below 1% But another option did stand out:  2% wanted Someone Else, whom I know well and like a good bit. The results are basically the same for potential primary… Read more Likely Dem Primary Voters, Women’s Issues, and Elizabeth Warren

Business as Nasty as Usual for Florida Nursing Home Industry

Nursing Homes, Medicaid Rates, and Campaign Contributions As part of its investigative series on nursing home care in Florida, Naples Daily News (part of the USA Today Network) reports that the new Medicaid reimbursement system for Florida’s nursing homes, scheduled for full implementation in 2023, will increase reimbursement for some of the state’s most poorly performing facilities by millions of dollars while simultaneously reducing reimbursement for some of the state’s best performing facilities by millions of dollars.  It reports that the nursing home industry made large campaign contributions to state legislators to support… Read more Business as Nasty as Usual for Florida Nursing Home Industry

Trump approval 46% (?) and 2020 Tidbits

The latest polls on presidential approval has DJT at high of 46% in Gallup’s late April poll.  What does that mean?  It is unclear.  A look at the historical data from Gallup may be helpful.  In the last half of 2018, his rating showed little variation, ranging from 39-42%.  All of this with samples with error rates of +/-4%. 2019* April (17-30)   46% April (1-9)       45% March              39% February          44% January            37% 2018* December       39% November       39% October           40% September       40%… Read more Trump approval 46% (?) and 2020 Tidbits

Looking Ahead to 2020

SURVEY OF POTENTIAL DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS Morning Consult reported the results of a survey of approximately 13k individuals who indicated that they were likely to vote in the democratic primaries. The horse race data is what you would expect. Table entries are percentages of likely Democratic primary voters. Candidate Very Favorable Somewhat Favorable No Opinion, Unknown Somewhat Unfavorable Very Unfavorable Biden 45 33 9 9 4 Sanders 34 41 8 9 6 Warren 19 36 28 12 5 Harris 18 30 40 8 5 Booker 16 26 44 9 4… Read more Looking Ahead to 2020


[from my friend, Margaret, previously published in Second Journey} Eleven spirited elders – ranging in age from 50 to 87, met in the non-fiction section at Quail Ridge Books recently and faced reality together:  we are aging, and we will die.  What to do? Seated in a small circle within a large circle of books about art, science and philosophy, we pondered both infinite finality and infinite possibility.  Quandaries, both spoken and unspoken, migrated across the spaces between us.  How do we enlarge our lives so that we arrive at… Read more CRIMINALS OF A CERTAIN AGE

Trump supporters are “10-tooth rubes?”

Rick Wilson is a Republican strategist (i.e., operative) who rails at Trump for not being a Republican or a conservative.  He recently indicated that Trump’s supporters are basically a bunch of “10-tooth rubes.” I enjoy all insults aimed at Deadbeat Donald and those who support him. (Unfortunately, I can’t be the change I want to see.) However, I get increasingly tired of Rs who just wash their hands of Trump, saying “he is a horror, and he is not one of us.”  These commentators are partially correct.  He is a… Read more Trump supporters are “10-tooth rubes?”

Coming Up For Air?

Dear Y’all, As you may have noticed, I have added only a few posts since the 2016 election.  There have been several reasons for the absence of new posts on theleftcorner.  In part, however, that absence results from a sense of what I can only call despair at the state of American politics. The election of Deadbeat Donald, his antics, and the tragic results and horrific implications of his and his administration’s policies and pronouncements have left me with little more than a strong, almost constant, urge to spew forth… Read more Coming Up For Air?