Trump Supporters Attack Protester at Rally


What you see below is a symptom of a country led to the brink by political entrepreneurs whose only concern is their own success.

Every society has its haters.  All societies have elements that are trumpeteer-2frustrated and will erupt into violence because of their fear and hate.  European skinheads with their swastika tattoos and attacks on vulnerable people are a case in point.

The United States has its own violent history with over 4,000 lynchings of people Of color.  You can add to this our post-WW1 history of violence against leftists and labor organizers.  Plus, you have our history of official police violence woven into this bloody fabric. Best not to have been a Black Panther or war protester in the late ’60s in this country.

What some current political activists in this era seem to have forgotten is how close to the surface that vein of violence runs in our society.  Men beat a homeless Hispanic man and claim their inspiration came from Donald Trump.  When all the candidate can say is that some of his supporters are “passionate,” then we have entered (or re-entered) a frightening phase in American politics.

stop illegalsJust a few hours ago, a protester at a Trump rally was set on by the candidates supporters.  He was hit and kicked by Trump supporters for yelling “Black Lives Matter.”  Luckily security stepped in before he could be seriously injured. This happened as the candidate yelled “Get him out of here.”  Trump later said the man probably deserved to “get roughed up” because he was “disgusting.”

Donald Trump very simply calls out to Americans to unleash their worst selves.  He and his campaign feed off of that instinct. We need to stop thinking of him as some bad spirit that will eventually implode.  Hate that is fed and energized by the powerful or popular does not just dissipate when those elites lose interest or change tactics

Remember we are the country where lynchings, castrations, and the burning of victims were something like local fairs that drew spectators from far and near.  The post WWI hysteria about labor activists led to the public castration and lynching of a labor organizer in the far NW of this nation, as well as hundreds of deaths among workers and organizers.

As late as the 1980s, the Klan and Nazis could kill, with impunity, socialist labor organizers in Durham, North Carolina.  State and Federal court juries found all the shooters not guilt, despite video showing one man running up to a man in the ground and shooting him.  Such footage made a mockery of the defendants’ claims of self-defense.

We are a violent bunch of folk.  There are elements in our society that need only the barest shred of perceived social support to act out their anger and violent fantasies.  Donald Trump and his wannabes have probably never met the sort of  desperate and violent men that they are enflaming. They have never stuck their hands into the wide and deep river of cold-hearted violence on which such people ride through life.

Remember there were those in our society that bombed churches and blasted children to pieces. Do these elite agitators think all such foul creatures died out at the turn of the century?  The bad news is that these ogres of this ilk are still alive and well and some are simply waiting for someone to legitimize their rage.

During this election cycle, our haters have found their champion(s).  When people like Trump, with his popularity and support, join the ranks of the Joe Mccarthys, George Wallaces, and Father Coughlins, then we have regressed badly as a nation and entered a dark chamber with little visible light.  When brutal violence is blithely passed off as “passion” we need to recognize we are living in dangerous times, people, dangerous times.  Beware.

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  1. Hitler was democratically elected by frustrated, angry, violent Germans, people who believed in their national exceptionalism. Sound familiar?


  2. How long did you think it was going to last? How long did you think it was going to take before American Citizens reacted to the nonsense that is considered acceptable behavior for the greatest nation in the world.
    If you are an illegal immigrant you are just that ILLEGAL. You do not get to enjoy or benefit from the rights bestowed upon American citizens until you legally become a citizen. Done. Period. End of Story.
    Its OK for African Americans to tear up their cities based on race baiting lies (Michael Brown), threaten the lives of cops, destroy property and pretty mush show their ass wherever they like and that’s OK with you? Meanwhile every advantage in the world has been afforded to them for the last 40 years and those who want to succeed have with great accomplishments, but those who chose to not take advantage of these offerings stay encircled in a pit of crime, gangs, drugs, and murder and then blame it on the very society who pays for the benefits and affirmative actions to begin with..
    How long did you think it would take for every bit of Political Correctness to finally wear down those who don’t need “safe spaces” or protests because you didn’t get your way. How long before you figured those of us who can and will pull ourselves up from difference by our boot straps and find a common ground that doesn’t involve acting like a spoiled bunch of cry babies could deal with the wimpiness and incompetence this PC cause has put forth.
    The greatest nation in the world is being destroyed from the inside out. the greatest threat to our sovereignty is coming from within and it is not terrorists, or Wall St, but the actual political figures who pander to their next election and not the will of the people. Are you surprised almost nothing has been accomplished in the last decade except for racial tensions have been ignited and the poor stay poor and rich get richer. Do you really think that is a result of Left Wing VS Right Wing. Not at all.. That is a direct result of all of us being sold out in the majority of the belief to those who can deliver an election victory by producing votes regardless of what you had to give up to get the victory.
    So seriously shelf all your media driven fears of the second coming of Hitler, that has to be the most uneducated and ignorant idea I have ever heard and if you are dumb enough to believe something like that could ever happen again in the modern western world than you are just seriously warped.. News Flash – Hitler isn’t coming back, Muslims are not going to be kicked out of this country, women will not be remanded back to the kitchens, and any other Donald Trump the Sky is Falling theories can be side barred – because look at it like this – doesn’t really matter who wins the election. When there is the frustration and the anger over the blatant ignoring of the will of the American people, the anger will explode no matter who is in office if the pattern is not reigned in. There used to be a time in America when standing up for your rights and fighting the powers that be was an honorable thing. Unfortunately, we have slipped to such a slimy existence that now its only honorable if you are calling for the death of cops, the rights of criminals, the support of terroristic states and nuclear bombs, and any other cause you can think of that just 10 years ago would have been an unthinkable idea to put your weight behind.
    Congratulations, you got what you wanted, it didn’t work and now we will take it back.


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