Trump Blames French Gun Laws for Paris Tragedy

It is the same old soup in a newer can.  If only everyone had a gun, then terrorists would be stopped.  The new chef for this crock of BS is the Trumpet.…

What would that mean?  The Trumpet and others want places like France to be more like the US.  Here is what that might mean

France in 2009 had 143 firearm homicides in 2009 (0.22 per 100k) and we had something over 3.5 per 100k in 2013.  that means they had fewer than 150 people murdered with a firearm, while we have over 11,000 in 2013.  In total, they have something just under 2,000 people die from firearm injuries (3.01 per 100k), and we had over 33,000 (10.5 per 100k).  So France has a long way to go to catch up with us. They need to increase their homicide rate about 16 times in order to join our very select club of the 10-Plus club for gun deaths.  That list includes that inlcudes Honduras, El Salvador, Swaziland, and other gunners’ garden spots…

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