He Tells It Like It Is!  That Trump Guy!



KKK-trump tower

You hear it all the time when Trump supporters talk about Trump.

“He’s not afraid to tell it like it is! He’ll tell it like he sees it!  He speaks his mind! He doesn’t care about political correctness!”

Let me translate this for those not attuned to Trump’s subtext.  My translation follows.

“The President is a (nudge, nudge) “Black” (wink, wink) man,  one of THEM!*  He is a Muslim who wasn’t born in this country.  His Presidency is illegitimate.  Without cheating, I mean how else could one of THEM be elected President, I ask you?

birth certificate

“You don’t like it. I don’t like it. It pisses me off, just like it does you. I am like you, so you should recognize how wonderful I am and how HUGE it would be for me to live in the White House, though it is really trashy compared to the homes I own.”

Unless you are Aaron Neville, “tell it like it is” is not a phrase I want to hear.

*Note: Trump supporters–over 60 percent believe Obama is a Muslim and not born in this country.

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